Cola Lemon Twist

Cola Lemon Twist

For Cola enthusiasts, this tree is a real treat! Cola with a twist of lemon, so refreshing in the sun. 

This tree will complement a bar/batmitzva, a bris/kiddush or even a sheva brachos!
  • Details

    This tree is parev and contains gluten. Cola bottles and cola sour sticks are Badaatz Manchester, yellow meringues are Eidas Chareidas, approx height 45cm.

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Disappointed that you cannot attend the Bris? Why not send a gift they will remember?

Only the best quality Candy and Chocolates, with the most reliable Kashrus.


Bar/Batmitvah, Wedding, Bris, Kiddush, Vort, Birthday, Sheva Brochos, Upsherin......

Top view - Liquorice Tree.jpg

Add fun to your dessert buffet table. Wow your guests with a breathtaking candy tree


Always fresh, always delicious, always looks dazzling, always with an incredible aroma

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