If I order a gift, how soon will it be delivered?

Within 5-7*working days. Tastable does not operate on Shabbat or festivals.

* In the event that the arrangement is required at short notice, as in the case of a bris milah, please contact us by telephone and we will do everything possible to fulfill your request.

Can I order candy trees to match the color-scheme of my simcha?

Sure! Let us know what your color-scheme/ theme is, and we will design matching trees that will wow your guests!

If I order candy trees as centerpieces for my simcha, when will they be delivered?

They will be delivered at a pre-arranged time, in most cases on the day of the simcha unless requested the day before.

Should I order on-line or by telephone?

Our on –line store has a beautiful array of candy trees/arrangements for you to select from, whether for a gift or your simcha. Orders can be made by sending us a message via the contact page, or by e-mail or telephone. Custom-designed arrangements would need to be discussed on the telephone/in person.

How much in advance of my simcha do I need to order?

Pre-designed trees can be ordered up to 7 days before the simcha. Custom-designed arrangements would need to be ordered up to 20 days before the simcha. IMPORTANT: in either case, if more than 3 arrangements/trees are required, they would need to be ordered by telephone/in person at least 40 days before.

How much deposit do I need to give to secure my order for my simcha?

If the Simcha is within 10 days of ordering then full payment is required when placing the order. When orders are placed more than 10 days in advance of the Simcha then only 50% payment is required upon ordering, once all the details have been agreed upon, and the 50% balance will be due at the time of delivery.

Do I need to pay delivery charges?

Delivery within Ramat Bet Shemesh, Bet Shemesh, Scheinfeld and Nofei Aviv is free, with no minimum order requirement.

For gifts to be delivered outside of Beit Shemesh, the gift will be sent with a Courier service and their delivery charges apply.

For table-centers for simchas out of Greater Bet Shemesh there is minimum order requirement of 3 trees. Tastable staff will deliver and arrange the table-centers, and delivery, handling and setup charges apply. For orders of over 5 trees,  delivery, handling and setup is free!

How long does the candy last?

The candy remains fresh for approximately 1 month, provided it is covered when not in use. We recommended using a clear plastic table cloth to cover the tree. Marshmallows may not last as long and wrapped candy will last a few months.

What Hechsher are the candies?

All our products are strictly kosher, and the hechsherim used are indicated near each individual tree as follows; Eides Chareidas , Badaatz Manchester , London Federation  KFL, Chasam Sofer , Machzekei Hadaas Belz and OU; or a combination.

Can I choose what Hechsher I want?

Sure, we can design a tree using the Hechsher you require

Are any of your candy arrangements gluten free or nut free?

There are many trees that are gluten free, and each tree's gluten status is specified. If a product contains upto 20ppm, it will be given a 'gluten free' status. If some of the tree contains gluten, the tree  will be given  a 'contains gluten' status.

We apologize that even though the tree itself may not contain nuts, we are unable to guarantee that the products we supply will not have traces of nuts.

Do the trees come wrapped?

The trees ordered for gifts are all delivered beautifully wrapped in cellophane, and include a card with your personal message.

The trees ordered for a simcha are wrapped in plastic to keep them fresh until the time of your simcha.

Packaging\wrapping is included in the price.

How many candies are in a typical tree?

Each tree has approximately 1-2kg of candy in the top, plus candy in the vase.

Are all your trees totally edible?

All the candies are totally edible and delicious. Some trees have artificial flowers, butterflies or other decorations (all inedible), which are incorporated to enhance the beauty of the tree and to fit your theme.

Do we keep the vases?

If you are buying a gift, the lucky recipient gets to keep the vase(s).

If you order up to 3 trees for your simcha, the vases are a gift to you!

If you require more than 3 trees - you can choose to keep the vases or we can hire them to you: we will collect the vases at an arranged time and you will receive a discount off your total purchase. If there is any candy remaining, we will wrap them up for you.

Are the Vases Tovelled?

We always tovel the vases without a Brocha before using them to prepare your Candy Tree. Each person should confirm with their trusted Rabbi, if they are required to tovel the vase again or not.

How can I pay for my order?

Once all is agreed - we will email you an Invoice for Payment.
Payment can be made with Credit/Debit cards, Paypal, Checks or Cash.

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Ideal for the table center-pieces at our next Simcha



A thoughtful gift that expresses your feelings for someone precious

flower tree 1.jpg

Disappointed that you cannot attend the Bris? Why not send a gift they will remember?

Only the best quality Candy and Chocolates, with the most reliable Kashrus.


Bar/Batmitvah, Wedding, Bris, Kiddush, Vort, Birthday, Sheva Brochos, Upsherin......

Top view - Liquorice Tree.jpg

Add fun to your dessert buffet table. Wow your guests with a breathtaking candy tree


Always fresh, always delicious, always looks dazzling, always with an incredible aroma

To discuss our products or place an order, please call us on 972 (0) 527 630 331  or email tastable.biz@gmail.com

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